Anthony - University of Sheffield

B Regional and Town Planning
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

I studied three courses in town planning, at a similar level to the courses that were required at UQ. The difference in academic system most prevalent to me where mainly the weighting of assignments. In one case I was given a 100% essay. To overcome this it was quite easy in that I had to do continuous reading throughout the semester to be informed surrounding the topics that would eventually be given for the essay. The atmosphere of study was different as well, with students living closer to the university it was often the case that libraries would be full/ lectures would be fully attended as well. 

Personal experience

I really enjoyed the experience of living in student accommodation, the freedom to cook and look after myself was a personal development skill that is invaluable. I gained many friends and got involved in a football team and a netball team through my student organisation in Sheffield. The friends I made through the student organisations as well as international student groups were among the greatest of friends I found.


I lived on campus during my time abroad. It was easy to arrive and have a place sorted out to live and knowing that people living their would be in the same situation as yourself. During the opening months we shared knowledge about where to go to the shops and other useful living knowledge. It was a short walk to my university buildings for lectures and study which made it very convenient. It's probably easier to live in a student accommodation because you'll meet people in a similar situation to yourself. 


Food in the UK was quite cheap compared to Australia generally. Transport wasn't much of an issue as everywhere I needed to go was a short walk from my accommodation. I would budget more than you think as you will always find yourself wanting to do more things that cost money than you could possibly imagine. I'd recommend around $10,000.

Professional Development & Employability 

I think that being more comfortable in a situation where I don't know any people and this experience has given me more confidence in meeting new people and talking about my profession.


The ability to travel to Europe in an hour was awesome. I went on a contiki tour toward the end of my exchange and getting to see so much of Europe was definitely the best part of my trip.

Top Tips

You should definitely do it. You'll never regret it. It's such a good experience living and studying in a different place that is invaluable to your future.

Anthony - University of Sheffield