Lillian - Royal Holloway, University of London

B Business Management
Semester 2, 2015

Academic experience 

I studied four subjects to meet the course load requirements. They were: MN1205 (International Business), MN2305 (Marketing Strategy in Context), MN2405 (Managerial Accounting) and MN2705 (Human Resource Management). 

Personal experience

I made friends in and outside of the university and am already planning my next trip abroad. When my study finished I visited Europe several times with friends and explored. 

I developed an interest in football (the European kind) and went to my first ever match. It is a very English experience and it was fun enjoying the sporty atmosphere.


I chose to stay in private accommodation rather than the university halls. This was because I wanted to be located closer to the centre of London. It means that you have to be more organised and take a train to university for classes each day. It worked well for me because I was able to rent a room with a group of students like me so I did not miss out on socialising outside of university hours.


As much as possible really. London is full of things to do and the more you can afford the more you can experience. At a bare minimum try to have £100 to spend. This will allow you to buy food on campus, go out to the pub and catch the train around London. 

You can save money by travelling off-peak hours. So after 0930 you can almost half the price of your train ticket, for this reason, I chose to schedule all my classes after 10 am. At RHUL it is cheaper to load money onto your student card and pay for food with the student card. This means that you don't pay VAT (tax) on campus food.

Professional development and employability 

I had to manage my time well on exchange. Being in London meant that there was always something new and exciting to do. In order to keep up with my study commitments whilst being able to go out and do things, I learnt to start my assignments early and do a little bit every second day. That way I was stress-free and did not have to worry about deadlines.

Previously I have disliked writing essays and put less effort into them relying on my exam results for higher grades. At Royal Holloway, almost all of my assessment was essay based. This meant that to receive good grades I was forced to think through my essays, research them more deeply and plan them in detail. Instead of a last-minute rush and doing it the night before it was due I took the time to go over it and ensure that it reflected the grade I wanted to receive. It is likely that I would not have developed these academic writing skills if I had not visited a university that issued so many essay assignments.


I was able to experience Guy Fawkes celebrations for the first time and it was loud and exciting, something not to be missed. It was enjoyable studying in libraries that were reminiscent of Hogwarts which definitely made my assignments less tedious. My exchange was over before I knew it and then I was free to explore Europe with friends.

Top tips

Do as much as possible in the time you have and get involved on campus as there is always something happening. 10/10 I would go on exchange again and I recommend it to everyone as part of their degree.

Lillian - Royal Holloway, University of London