Kirby - Alliance Manchester Business School

Semester 1, 2013

Academic experience

I am studying a Bachelor of International and Hotel Management but I chose to do my electives while on exchange. I went to the Manchester Business School (MBS), which is a part of the University of Manchester but has a different application process and means that you can only choose the business-related subjects that they provide.

I was studying the full-time load of 60 credits which was 6 subjects, which seemed a bit daunting at first but it was manageable as two subjects only had one-hour lectures and not all classes had tutorials and some were only fortnightly too. For me, a big difference was that assessments are usually exam based (I had two 100% exams!). Although you could get around this by choosing your subjects based on what assessments they have but I chose based on what interested me.

Personal experience

I made many great friendships while on exchange including people I had met at UQ at the meet and greet sessions, I had a great group of English friends I met at Hall and also a great group of international friends that I met through the Business School and had class with. I travel around the UK and to Amsterdam and Spain mainly with other international students who were keen to travel.


I lived in Dalton Ellis Hall in Victoria Park and I couldn’t have been happier! I made some great friends here and I was also lucky enough to get a larger room. This is a catered hall and although the food wasn’t amazing, it was just nice to not have to worry about cooking and cleaning and also dinner was always very lively and social.


I didn’t spend that much because I was catered and paid that upfront but I would usually get snacks and things for lunch and that would be around 10 pounds for a week. Everything is much cheaper over here, which is great for student living.

Professional development and employability

MBS was so supportive and they have such a great program for exchange students. First of all, it is smaller so you get to meet almost everyone on exchange plus they give you many opportunities to meet third-year students from the MBS International Society who are also students who have returned from a previous semester abroad. I was also assigned a mentor who was there to help me with any questions or problems and they also organized many fun social events for us.

Top tips

  • Join the International Society- they do day trips and weekend trips all around the UK for very cheap. I went to the Lake District, Edinburgh, Bath, Stonehenge and Warwick Castle plus they do many other trips too.
  • Accommodation Guide- Stay in Fallowfield if you want to party, stay in the City Centre if you want to study and stay in Victoria Park if you want a good mix of both.
  • Invest in a good coat, you will live in it for at least two months!
  • If you are arriving late or close to orientation, order a bedding pack, but they are basic and not very nice so if you have a bit of time go to Primark and get yourself some bedding and definitely an underlay because the mattresses are very hard.
  • Take advantage of your stopovers- I stayed in Dubai for two days and got to look around the city and go on a desert safari and it was amazing!
Kirby - Alliance Manchester Business School