Yin Tung Jason - Alliance Manchester Business School

B Business Management
Semester 2, 2016

Academic experience

As a student majoring in International Business, I chose to study some of my major courses in MBS and the other electives I have chosen are not provided by UQ. The full time study load over there is 60 credits each semester, therefore, I have to study 6 courses during the semester. Seems terrible, but tutorials are only held fortnightly! Besides, presentation in class is very uncommon. They prefer an open environment, which allows strong interactions with each other. (Not only in tutorials, but also the lectures). Therefore, the courses are either essay based or exam based. So make sure you are well prepared before attending the seminar, don’t embarrass yourself!

Personal experience

MBS is truly a great place; I have made many friends from diverse backgrounds. I highly recommend joining the International Society there as they offer many trips and parties during the semester! Even though now I come back at UQ, I still chat to friends I made on Facebook.


I lived in Oak House, which is on Fallowfield campus. All of my roommates were British. Therefore, I had the chance to experience the British lifestyle. As the others said, Oak House or Owens Park is a party house, if any of you want to focus on your study, perhaps Victoria Park or close to campus will be a better choice.


Although Oak House is the cheapest option provided, it is still a bit expensive, as I paid around $4400 in total. The only advice for travel I can give is to buy any ticket at least 6 weeks before your departure. For students who want to travel around the UK by train, it is important to purchase a 16-25 railcard at the train station (Don’t forget to bring a passport photo!). I spent around $6600 AUD for one semester, not including the flight to and from Brisbane. Therefore, budgeting is extremely important!

Professional development and employability

There is no doubt that my communication skills are better after the exchange experience. This is because going on exchange enabled me to get in touch with others from different backgrounds. The welcome week before the semester is already a great chance to boost your skills. Moreover, MBS offers many competitions allowing all students to participate. I highly recommend students to grab the chance to put this on your CV!


The reason why I went on exchange during semester 2 is that I wanted to enjoy Christmas in the UK. Therefore, the best part was absolutely celebrating Christmas and having Christmas dinner with my flatmates. The Christmas market in Manchester is just gorgeous. There are lots of restaurants, bars and traditional crafts (You have to try the mulled wine at least once!). The Christmas dinner prepared by my roommates is very traditional, roast turkey, Yorkshire pudding… etc. This is probably another advantage of staying in Oak House!

Top Tips

I believe that students who want to go on exchange have to be very active, as you are no longer in your comfort zone. If you are not active enough, it is very likely that you will end up with nothing after your exchange. Going on exchange allows you to discover new opportunities and broaden your eyesight. If you think you are active enough, then why not embrace this opportunity?

Yin Tung Jason - Alliance Manchester Business School