Justine - Harvard Summer School

B Business Management
August 2019

My experience

I have always wanted to study somewhere far from home, such as in the UK or US. UQ provides many opportunities for students to study away from home and i wanted to be a part of that opportunity. Though it is a short term experience, it still helps change your perception of the world and i was excited to see what i could learn.

How has the experience changed you?

It has made me see the world in a different picture, travelling to somewhere so far from home has given me the opportunity to meet people and students from all over the world who are at different phases of their lives. Getting to meet with these people and attend classes with them has broadened my knowledge both personally and academically. It has provided me the insight of how everyone has their own personal goals and dreams, it has also taught me about the many different cultures from people all over the world. 

It was also interesting to see how the students all behaved differently in class depending on where they were from and their various learning styles. For example, some students were more outspoken and participated actively in discussions with our professor whilst other students preferred to listen silently in class. It also helped me realize that my learning style is being active in class and actively contributing to class discussions as it helps me to stimulate my thought processes.

Favourite memory

I thoroughly enjoyed the 'debates' that went on in class about the various theories we were discussing and also that all of us actively voiced out our opinions and what we thought of the concepts every single lesson throughout the 3 weeks.

It was different from what i was used to, as at UQ, though there are discussions, they are usually kept between a small group of people and not the whole class participating actively together. Sometimes discussions would carry on for an hour with the whole class trying to piece the puzzles and theories together and after class is over, we leave together still discussing these theories and the reasoning behind them.

Top tips

Go with an open mind, an open heart and embrace every challenge that comes your way. Meet people from all over the world and be sure to step out of your comfort zone.