Lexie - Go Behind the Scenes - Cultural Gastronomy in Malaysia

B Business Management/International Hotel and Tourism Management
July 2019

My experience

I decided to complete a short-term experience because I wanted to learn more about Asian culture and particularly, their importance of Gastronomy in their communities. I also participated in the Disneyworld short-term experience and learned a lot and made some incredible and like-minded people, and was hoping to do the same on this experience.

How has the experience changed you?

Professionally, I gained many contacts, both through Taylor's University and through the students and faculty involved from UQ. Academically, I learnt so much about a part of the world that I have never spent time on before. That was so important because as a person studying BIHTM, these lessons are invaluable going forward. And personally, I learned a healthy respect for how other cultures live their life and not only make the most of it by embracing it, but genuinely enjoying it.

Favourite memory

The rural homestay was an amazing experience that allowed us to experience a world so different to our own. They were such a delightful community that really let us into their home and it was really great to see that they had reacted to a need in the market by promoting rural agricultural homestays/experiences.

Top tips

I would recommend just being as immersive as you can! Taste everything you can even if it's something you've never seen before, try new activities and learn from them. It is such a different culture and there is a lot to appreciate both when your there and also what you have when you come back home.