Amali - AIM Overseas Luxury & Fashion Brand Management

B Commerce/Business Management
July 2019

My experience

My decision to complete a short-term experience was not only to participate in a program that combined international study and travel, but to further expand my business discipline and knowledge. This particular experience focused on an area of business that has always been extremely interesting to me, and therefore, I viewed this as a perfect opportunity to take.

How has the experience changed you?

Personally, this experience has considerably changed me as an individual in terms of allowing me to become more independent and establish life-long friendships with people across the globe. Academically, this experience has broadened my academic knowledge into a new discipline of fashion brand management which has always been an area of interest of mine. I also was able to learn and experience many aspects of this topic in both a classroom and in industry visits. Professionally, this trip allowed to me not only learn how to engage and interact with industry professionals but explore the numerous career paths out there within this field.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory from this experience was being able to travel and study (in both a classroom and through industry visits) with new friends from around the world. Learning and sharing these experiences with each other was a highlight from my trip. Visiting places such as Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and Gucci Gardens in Florence with these new friends made my trip extremely special and memorable.

Top tips

My one piece of advice for future participants or any student considering participating in a short-term global experience, would be to grab every opportunity. Not only grabbing these opportunities by applying for a trip but taking them whilst you are on one.

Being able to experience different cultures, meet new people and study an area of interest is an opportunity that no one should pass up.