Philip - Harvard Summer School

M Business Administration
August 2019

My experience

Having previously enjoyed studying with an Ivy league school from USA, this was an opportunity to do so again at another university.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has confirmed a belief of mine that the top students from Australian universities are just as able as those from the top universities in the USA. To have this again confirmed, and to know that I can compete at this level is rewarding and yet strangely humbling.

Favourite memory

Attending a game or two Fenway park (Boston) was probably the most enjoyable tourist activity I managed to squeeze in. Otherwise the caliber of students that study at Harvard as a whole is very high. Studying with high caliber students (like those within the MBA here at UQ) is by far and away the most rewarding and life changing element of the course.

Top tips

Some of the courses can be quite tough, so be prepared to work hard. Also try to be as sociable as you can, networking is such an important tool to have at your disposal and your classmates are likely to have a widely ranging backgrounds. I stayed on campus in a dorm, which at the age of 36 I found to be a nostalgic reminder of my backpacking days that I had thought were long past... So you may need to consider if shared bathrooms, a lack of air conditioning/fans/fridge and minimal amenities (no soap, sheets or any room cleaning services) are things you are ok with. If so, I wholeheartedly recommend it.