Joshua - UCL Summer School: Session One

B Engineering/Mathematics
July 2019

My experience

I needed to complete an extra course for my degree and I thought that doing a short term exchange was the best way to make up the units I needed. It also gave me a chance to study an area of study that isn't offered at UQ as far as I'm aware.

How has the experience changed you?

I think I now appreciate that the people you are travelling with contribute to the enjoyment of the trip just as much as the place you are in. 

The course has highlighted career paths that I wasn't aware of before attending UCL. Our class rotated through three different professors and it was great to be able to get three different perspectives on working/studying in the field of Finance and Actuarial science.

In my class of 17 people I was the only person who wasn't at least bilingual which was humbling but gave me a greater appreciation of languages and what it takes to learn another language.

Favourite memory

There were two key highlights for me:

We went to Brighton for the day on one of the weekends. It was a fantastic day and the English summer was in full force so it was nice to get into the ocean. 

The Wimbledon final, the Cricket World Cup final and the British Formula 1 all happened to fall on the same day, all in England. I was lucky enough to be there for that weekend. As a sports fan this was an incredible day and I spent most of my day out enjoying the sports with other sports fans I had met.

Top tips

If you can, try and stay in accommodation with other students such as at a university residence because it's a good way to make friends. The friends you make will make the trip that much more enjoyable. 

Don't book your return flight early on the Saturday after the summer school ends because they usually run a boat party on the river Thames the night before.