Lachlan - AIM Overseas Understanding the Middle East: Regional and International Identities, Interests, and Strategies

Bachelors of Arts/Laws (Hons)
January 2019

My experience

There were a few reasons for why I decided to complete the short term experience 'Understanding the Middle East.' Perhaps most importantly, I thought that by studying overseas and immersing myself in a foreign culture I would benefit greatly as both a student and a person generally. I was not wrong. Moreover, the topic I studied has long been of interest to me but is unfortunately not available at UQ, so this enabled me to pursue it.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has definitely changed me, mostly in a personal context. One big change is that I now kinda like coffee. More seriously, by studying overseas I have developed a greater appreciation and understanding for different cultures ,and though it sounds cliche, I have grown to understand myself more so. By travelling and studying overseas I have definitely grown as a person and am more comfortable and eager to take on greater responsibilities as well as initiatives. It was also beneficial to deepen my understanding of the Middle East, which will be invaluable if I ever seek to study more in that area, which this experience leaves me partial to. Lastly, this was the first time that I had to truly taking care of myself alone whilst also studying/working, which I think is very important and an important skill to have for the future.

Favourite memory

Definitely going out at in the afternoon/night after uni and on the weekends with the other students, whether that be visiting the beautiful historic sites or the less historic but still (to some) beautiful bars.

Top tips

If you want a cheap and amazing buffet with drinks, you have to go to Deseo near the Arco della Pace. Also, make sure to enjoy your time there; you're in Milan!! The course understands and isn't very time-consuming (like seriously, at all) so make the best of it.