Yasmin - AIM Overseas Empowering Women in the 21st Century

Bachelors of Human Services/Arts
February 2019

My experience

I really wanted to take a short course especially to more on the politics side so I can see how another country develops their policies to aim to help support and resolve social issues within their country.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has not only given me life-long friends but it was also personally a good chance for me to visit a country in which my grandparents are originally from. It helped me identify my own roots and my own family history. Not only that, the course has taught me so much not only on just reiterating the importance of what I can do to advocate for equal rights as a woman but has also taught me why we all need to step up whether you're a man or you're woman this is an issue that we all need to involve ourselves in.

Favourite memory

Going to a women's shelter that helped victims of domestic violence and I was so impressed by how they had a special police unit that dealt specifically with that. I also loved how this shelter was not limited to just Portuguese citizens but also aimed to support undocumented migrants and also travellers as well.