Carla - AIM Overseas International Relations and Politics in the EU

Bachelors of Arts/Laws (Honours)
January 2019

My experience

This short term experience allowed me to get credit while travelling all through the summer break, this experience helped me to realise that I want to further my study internationally in the future.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has helped me to grow both academically and personally, this program exposed me to a new and challenging learning environment that allowed me to engage with the content. The teaching in this course was incredible and made my experience. Perhaps, more importantly was the opportunity this experience gave me to grow and foster my passion for International Relations as well as travel with and meet new people with shared interests.

Favourite memory

When reflecting on my experience it was hard to pick just one standout memory, after an impromptu trip to Cologne and weekends spent in Brussels and Amsterdam, I would have to say that my favourite memory was an afternoon spent walking through the snowy streets of Maastricht with my new friends. This gave us all the opportunity to reflect on what we had learned and the relationships we had built in a city that had begun to feel like home.

Top tips

My advice for any future participants would be to just go for it, for me putting myself out there helped me to make the most of my experience. More than that I would recommend looking out for any experience in your field of interest, going into this program I had no idea what to expect and now I could not recommend it enough.