Jin - University of Vienna Winter School

B Business Management
February 2019

My experience

I wanted to experience a different way of learning and a different teaching system. I took the course about literature and politics, and gain a lot more understanding of the country about its social culture and political structure. For me, a student who major in international business, it is important to know well about the world and make the combination about my major and the out-of-class knowledges

Favourite memory

Meeting very knowledgable professors with great experiences and also making a lot of friends. It is great to share different lifestyle, cultures as well as experiences with classmates who come from different parts of the world.

Top tips

The temperature during winter at Vienna is much more lower than in Australia so it is necessary to bring the right clothes. English is widely accepted so do not worry about the language barriers - but if you try to learn some of German it would be great.