Isabella - AIM Overseas Robotics: Real-Life Applications of Intelligent Designs

B Information Technology
February 2019

My experience

I've always wanted to study abroad, but just wanted to try a short one, instead of going on a full semester exchange. This was the perfect opportunity, one month abroad; not too long if I hated it, but not too short if I loved it.

How has the experience changed you?

It definitely made me grow as a person. I solo travelled before and after my course as well, and that independence in a place across the world from home, really is quite amazing. Academically as well, I was the only non-engineer in the program, and the amount that I learned was quite amazing. This has also allowed me to put this on my resume, which has already scored me a job in an IT company.

Favourite memory

The people. I never thought I would bond with people in the program, nearly as much as I did. Everyone was so emotional when we were saying our goodbyes. The amount of good and bad you go through together in a month is shocking, and the bonding is inevitable.

Top tips

Honestly just be so open to everything while you're over there. Don't be judgemental or shy to try new things, because you will only regret it in the future. Also, bring good shoes (snow and ice everywhere).