Samuel - AIM Overseas Public Health in Mexico (January)

B Science
February 2019

My experience

I wanted to do an exchange, but i left it quite late in my degree and I was in a position where i needed to do complete mostly 3rd year subjects. By doing a short term exchange, I was able to have the experience that I was after, without commiting an entire semester to exchange subjects.

How has the experience changed you?

The exchange was really useful to put my study in perspective. After the short term exchange, i decided to take 6 months off from University to continue to travel. This would not have happened otherwise and I have had the best 8 months of my life travelling around since.

Favourite memory

The academic aspects of the exchange were all amazing, however, my favourite part was probably becoming a part of the host family for the month that we spent with them. Living authentically in a foreign culture was an experience that I will never forget and the food was always amazing!

The street food that we would get in breaks was definitely a favourite part too!

Top tips

Definitely go and make sure to travel whilst youre away from home.