Jiexin - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B Commerce
Semester 2, 2018
CUHK is really a good choice to exchange. With the beautiful campus, you will meet lots of amazing people there!

Academic experience

During the whole semester in CUHK, I studied 5 courses (Elementary Cantonese for Chinese Speakers, Cultural Studies of Space, Contemporary Economic Thing, Business Environment of China and International Finance). The factor I enjoyed is some of the class is taught in small class and kinds of testing method instead of merely doing paper test for mid and final exams. The challenges are you need to used to the different style of academic requirement such as they way to write and submit your assignment such as go to other website or lectors' office room to submit. By discussing with classmates and have several good local friends and get into their community could easily overcome these problems. you need to register the courses first and then there will be helping session especially for questions about the courses enrollment, if you need to change courses after that period, you could go to relevant faculty building directly and they will give advices and help you.

Personal experience

The experience of Exchange to CUHK is definitely fantastic and unforgettable. I met lots new friends from all over the world and we often have different culture parties such as Mexican Party, Sweden parities etc. Hong Kong is a amazing city where Morden city is perfectly combined with natural views such as Sai Kong reserve and other islands. My cantonnes skill has increases significantly especially after taking Cantonese courses and my socializing skills improved a lot by meeting fresh people and come along with room mates together.


I lived on campus and there are basically three types of choices when choosing accommodations online, they are living with meals provided and high table dinner, living with only meals and living without meals and high table dinners. They are priced decreasingly and the quality of living conditions as well. however, I chose the last one due to you will living like a group of people sharing a living room, kitchen and balcony, which is really helpful for increasing friendship and communicating. I strongly recommend the last type of living if you don't mind the quality of bedroom. Those buildings are all come with landlady machines, driers and small Gym.


The costs are pretty low compared with Australia in regard to food, accommodation and transport etc. if you studying at CUHK then you don't need to worry about the food there for the campus has nearly 35 dining rooms with multi-cultural foods provided.Hong Kong's subway is really developed and can take you everywhere with various entertainment ways such as concerts, great night life and shopping malls. I would recommend $1000 $1300 per month in Hong Kong as living fees including the fees for exploring the whole city.


The biggest challenge there is to get used to new environment especially with new friends at the beginning. Because you need to have friends to solve academic and living problems together and share happiness together, which is the most important part during Exchange period. After talking and inviting new friends positively and open yourselves to others helps a lot in making friends.

Professional Development

During the exchange period I understood more cultural differences and improved my socializing skills when I get back to Australia in making friends. additionally, I always go hiking with my friends in Hong Kong, which shaped my body condition better than before. By enhancing my social ability I overcome more academic problems when I came back to Australia by asking classmates and discussing together and most importantly it changed my personality being more optimistically when facing difficulties.


The highlight is I gained precious friendship with other counties friends and we became really good friends even when we got back to own countries and we still keep in touch and plan to visit each other's country. Additionally, the experience and impression of Hong Kong is great by see so many new things in food, culture and people there making me a more collaborative personality.

Top tips

I would suggest be carefully choosing which type of accommodations to live because despite of studying there, the most important part is share happiness and make new friends exploring the city together, by choosing living with a group of people could easily solve the problem of getting lots of friends and you will have so much new things to do with them.