Emma - University of Bath

B Business Management/Arts
Semester 2, 2018
My exchange experience has been hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

Academic experience

I studied a variety of courses whilst on exchange at the University of Bath. I particularly enjoyed the Brand Management, Organisational Psychology and Consumer Behaviour modules. I enjoyed studying modules that were comprehensive and allowed me to form a deep understanding of the topic. The assessment pieces where very practical and allowed me to engage in group work with people from all over the world. I originally found the marking criteria difficult to understand. After talking to lecturers and other students, I quickly adapted. The enrolment and registration process was incredibly easy. The International team at Bath took care of everything, enrolling me in classes that I requested.

Personal experience

Exchange allowed me to form life long friendships with people not only from Australia, but from all over the world. I was exposed to working in groups with people from all over the world and learnt to adapt my working style to suit the cultural context of each group. I was lucky enough to be involved in the University of Bath netball program, which allowed me to travel around the UK and play other universities such as Swansea, Exeter and Bristol. I also was able to travel to places such as Paris, Dublin, Cardiff and the Canary Islands. I was also asked to be the International Blogger for the University of Bath, informing students who are thinking of undertaking exchange what they can expect from the exchange experience.


I lived off-campus in exchange and post-graduate student accommodation in the city. I absolutely loved living in the city as it gave me the freedom to easily explore the beautiful city, shop and study in local cafes. Living with other exchange students allowed me to form strong friendships with people that would later become my travel companions. The University of Bath accommodation team was amazing. They made the process of finding accommodation very easy.


Bath is an affluent city, therefore, my exchange experience was quite expensive. I would recommend budgeting $15,000 for the whole experience, including flights, travel, accommodation etc. I recommend saving more than you need before going on exchange. You don't want to be turning down opportunities because you haven't budgeted correctly.


I was determined to challenge myself and try and form diverse social connections and accept every opportunity to meet new people and seek out new experiences. My motto was to push myself. I was sometimes tired or nervous and therefore, tempted to miss some functions. But without exception, I always left each experience feeling so glad that I went along.

Professional Development

I have developed many skills during my exchange experience that has added to my professional development. I learnt how to work with different nationalities in group work and adapt my communication style in each situation. There was a difference in group dynamics when I was placed in a group with exchange students from the USA, Canada, France, Argentina and Columbia compared to a group of just UK students. I really enjoyed working in different groups and adapting to their work styles.


The highlight of my experience was the university lifestyle at Bath. All students either live on campus or in rentals in town. Bath has a college atmosphere where students can study together, it's easy to meet for group work, there are weekly social events at uni and inter-university sports competitions every Wednesday. I've absolutely loved the social atmosphere at Bath.

Top tips

I would advise future exchange students to really involve themselves within the University lifestyle.