Pitamber Singh - Georgia Institute of Technology

B Engineering/Business Management
Semester 2, 2018
Take me back to my exchange semester

Academic experience

Couple of interesting courses like Wind Engineering, Heat Transfer, Design and Manufacturing, System Dynamics and Structural Vibrations. 
The school's teaching methods are very practical and interactive with small scale classes and higher teacher-student interactions. High study loads with homework and assignments every week, although it led to obtaining a better understanding and results as we progressed through the semester.
The enrolment process was fairly straightforward like to UQ, except local students are given first preference. Therefore, having additional courses approved prior to the start of the exchange is highly recommended.

Personal experience

Made heaps of good people and friends, cheered Atlanta United to their league victory, and ate a lot of chicken wings (Atlanta is popular for it). I was fortunate to travel around, mostly on the East Coast. Visited my best friend in New York during the mid-term break, got invited for thanksgiving in Chicago and dusted it like the American way. Got the walk down the famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans and finally concluded my exchange journey celebrating in Miami. When you're in Atlanta you definitely gave to give Chick-fil-a a go! It’s the most popular fast food chain and has amazing burgers.


I was very lucky to find a unit just 200 metres off campus, having to pay much cheaper comparatively to every other exchange friends of mine. It came along with the luxury of a pool, en-suite furnished room with a balcony and a parking lot (although I didn't own a car). I would recommend checking 'Georgia Tech (GT) Subleases, Roommates, Housing & Apartments - Atlanta' Facebook group for options.


Groceries are fairly similar to the prices here in Australia, however eating out and other entertainment could cost you a bit overall. However, you can manage it if you choose to involve in free uni organised events. USD$1100 - USD$1300 a month including rent.


Biggest challenge would be the options of flexibility study style. You are required to take notes every single class, slides are not available therefore notes are not uploaded. If you miss a class, you could fall behind easily, and this was something I was struggling to adapt to coming from UQ where everything was recorded and can catch up on lectures in my own personal time.

Professional Development

I have gained many different types of knowledge. The stories you hear from local students you get to sit around with motivates you. They have high determination and motivation to achieve big things in life. Listening to them, their work histories, activities they are involved in, etc makes you feel like you want to be a part of it. Therefore, motivation and determination are something I really captured.


Watching Atlanta United LIVE winning the final game to be crowned Champions of the East Conference. Everybody was excited and started to celebrate. The sports enthusiasm in the States is on a completely different level

Top tips

Heads up to a bright journey to learn and explore, because it is a life changing experience, I never thought I would experience. I would warn you that you'll want to go back again when you get back to UQ.