Anisa - University of Manchester

B Business Management
Semester 2, 2018

Academic experience

I studied a french course, a chinese course and 2 economics courses. I think the challenge for me in regards to my economics courses was that it was a lot of self study; not all of the materials were covered in the lectures, and you had to study by yourself a lot of the time. I overcame this with the help of my friends and our study sessions together. I think what I enjoyed was how open everyone was to each other, and how friendly everyone was in classes! The registration process was not that difficult either, the only difficulty was finding where everything was!

Personal experience

The friendships and experiences that I have gained from being on exchange have been amazing! I have made some amazing friends, whom I still keep in contact with to this day, and we had experienced a lot of new things together, which I think had made us closer. With this exchange as well, I was able to travel to so many different countries! Some of them including Greece, Portugal and Morocco!


I lived on campus, in Manchester Gardens. I enjoyed living in campus as it gave me more opportunities to meet new students. I stayed in self catering accommodation, where you had to make your own meals and I think that was a really great idea! I have had a lot of great experiences in my kitchen, shared with friends making food together, or just even having tea together and talking. I think if you want to go on exchange, definitely live on campus! It is an amazing way to get to know people, and also push you out of your comfort zones.


I would recommend budgeting higher than normal, just so you are not desperately scraping around for cash. I budgeted around 200 pounds a week but I did not even use that much and ended up coming back with excess money! Travel is quite cheap, but I preferred to walk everywhere so that can be a good way to save money too! Food was not expensive as compared to Australia.


I think the biggest challenge during my experience was just watching time pass by so quickly. I wished that I could have stayed for a year, but I am glad that I got to at least spend one semester abroad. I overcame this challenge just by making the most of my time with my friends, whether it was just watching movies with them, or going out to eat and drink, or even just talking to them.

Professional Development

The skills that I have gained throughout my exchange has been my social skills. Just putting yourself out there, and talking to people first, and pushing your confidence. This will help me out in my future as it will allow me to talk to people easier, and feel less shy when talking to them.


The highlight of my experience was just having everybody I cared about it our living room, drinking and talking the night away and sleeping altogether in the same room. It brought us all closer together, and I really enjoyed myself.

Top tips

I think just be yourself and dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to meet new people, to talk to new people, to do new things. Even travel alone if you are able to! And definitely go on exchange, it is one of the greatest experiences you will have in your life.