Matthew - Copenhagen Business School

B Commerce/Economics
Semester 2, 2018

Academic experience

At CBS I studied Management Accounting, Economics of the Euro, International Economics, and Applied Microeconomics for Firms. I found it really interesting to see how university is taught differently in different countries and across different institutions. I think the standard expected of the students was relatively the same as at UQ. Registration in courses was very simple, but at least in my courses, we had no choice in class times. The biggest academic challenge was adjusting to the different assessment. Each of my courses only had one final exam which was worth 100% of my mark, so it was all or nothing.

Personal experience

During my exchange, I was lucky to meet some great people at CBS but also at other institutions and also some more locals. Having friends you can explore the city and country with is fantastic. Living in Denmark also helped improve my danish language skills. The best part of my exchange was the travel I was able to do. Cheap flights and long weekends allow for almost unlimited opportunities to travel to new places and discover new things.


I stayed off campus in private accomodation with a family I have a connection with. It was great to stay with them again, especially as living with locals means you are really integrated into the culture of your host country. They also look after you really well and can recommend food to try, places to visit and things to do. A lot of my friends stayed in the student accomodation that is arranged through the university, and they had a great time. You certainly make great friends with the people you live with, though are more removed from the country and culture you are in.


Denmark is quite an expensive country. Public transport, food, going out and entertainment all drains the budget. Save a good amount before you go, research ahead of time, and set a budget for yourself. Some things, however, can be quite cheap compared to Australia, like phone plans. Getting a bike is highly recommended as it is a cheap and easy way of getting around. International travel within Europe can be quite cheap and it is so easy to go somewhere for a long weekend.


The biggest challenge for me was the different assessment styles used at CBS - the 100% final exams. There was sometimes a lot of content to learn for each subject. I think having assessment broken into smaller chunks like I am used to at UQ is more practical and more representative of the real world. I just studied hard and made sure I was well prepared for each exam.

Professional Development

Going on exchange and living with a Danish family again helped improve the fluency of my danish language which is a great skill that I want to keep for the rest of my life. It's good for travel, for my resume and good for the mind.


My highlight was all of the travel I got to do while on exchange, especially when it was with friends I met at university there.

Top tips

My advice is to set a budget, study hard, attend the lectures (they aren't recorded) and don't stress over the exams!