Nathaniel - Lund University

B Commerce/Economics
Semester 2, 2018
Lund is assessable for all, make the most of it!

Academic experience

The academic system was rather relaxed at Lund University, with the course coordinators enjoying more autonomy than UQ (eg. they can reschedule lectures). Lund employs a term system, only two subjects are studied at a time. It meant the workload for these subjects were larger, but for a shorter period of time. There is also an optional two week Swedish course at the beginning of the semester. I found this program very useful and enjoyable, despite the fact everyone in Lund speaks perfect English. I studied mostly economics subjects at Lund University. I enjoyed this system, allowing me to immerse myself in these subjects more than at UQ.

Personal experience

Lund is a truly amazing place. The town is situated in the south of Sweden, in the Skåne region, less than an hour by train from Denmark. Lund’s location is perfect for day trips, with a variety of different places available at such ease! Get involved in the student nations, they are lots of fun and frequently run activities to keep you busy during the week (especially in those cold winter months). The university is a melting pot of students from around Europe and the world, so expect to make plenty of friends from all corners of the globe. A lot of Swedish students relocate to study at Lund. Whilst Swedes are naturally shy, they are very nice and happy to speak English with you. There is so much going on in such a small town, be sure to make the most of it!


Accommodation is scattered around the city in Lund, available with a variety of facilities. I was living at Klostergården Student House, which conveniently contained its own bathroom and kitchenette. The best two websites to obtain accommodation are AF Bostäder ( and LU Accommodation ( Lund University is helpful and has a housing guarantee for students coming from outside of Europe.


I found the cost of living in Sweden quite comparable to the cost of living in Australia. Rent in Lund varies from around $500-$800 per month, depending on the accomodation. Eating out can be quite expensive, I would recommend cooking at home often, however, there are cheap eats (you can never have too many falafel rolls). Lund is a bike city and you should be able to find one for under $150 which will last the duration of the exchange. Inter-city travel is run by Skånetrafiken, which is very efficient but a bit expensive, expect about $12 for a 24 hour pass. Travel within Europe is simple thanks to the close proximity to Copenhagen Airport (45 minutes on the train). You can make the most of this and find cheap flights to most destinations in Europe. The student nations offer the best value for money for social activities, they utilise volunteers to keep the costs low. Ultimately the cost of living can be kept to under $2000 per month.


Living on another continent is definitely an adventure. I had never been to Europe nor did I know anyone living there, so needless to say it was quite nerve-racking at times. Once I had arrived, it was very easy to get involved in the social activities and I settled in quickly.

Professional Development

Going on exchange gave me fantastic professional development and numerous tools to cope with unfamiliar circumstances. These included the confidence to back myself in foreign situations and to make the most of any forthcoming situations. Furthermore, it gave me a global network of friends around the world.


The most enjoyable parts of my exchange was travelling with my new friends that I had made. I was lucky enough to explore a large part of Sweden and Europe whilst based in Lund. Some of my favourite trips were a trip to the Arctic Circle in Finland, which featured skiing, husky sleighing and seeing the Aurora Borealis. I spent Christmas with a Swedish family on Gotland Island. This included many Swedish traditions and was a fantastic experience. There are countless other experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed, be sure to make the most of every opportunity you can!

Top tips

-Buy a bike. Lund is a fantastic bike city and anywhere in town is assessable within 20 minutes cycling.
-Join a nation. Nations are the gateway to student life in Lund and one of the easiest ways to make friends with both Swedish and fellow International students.
-Learn Swedish. LU runs a two week course at the beginning of semester. It is very well run and a great way to make friends.
-Travel. Lund is well positioned within Europe, with close assess to Copenhagen Airport, making travel easy and assessable to all.