Dominic - University of Wisconsin-Madison

B Science
Semester 2, 2018
My exchange experience was filled with meeting amazing new people, travelling and seeing the sights of the USA and studying fun, practical and interesting subjects.

Academic experience

I was able to use my electives to study as well as my Math Course Ceramics, Drawing and Linguistics.  It was so awesome to study practical art courses where we spent the whole time making art and making friends. My courses where very classroom based and didn’t have a lecture component as such….so I felt really engaged with the content throughout. A challenge was I couldn’t get all of the art I made home but I overcame that by giving it to my friends so they can remember me. Figuring out where you want to go is the hardest part of enrolment from there it went pretty smoothly for me…a few forms to UQ Abroad to get subjects approved and then just applying directly to the uni you want to go to.

Personal experience

The biggest thing I gained from exchange was all the beautiful friendships I got to make. I got to go travelling with them to New York, LA and Chicago and they took me home for a US Thanksgiving. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it feels great to have those people in the US when I go back one day and to see them when they come visit here.


I lived on Campus and would definitely recommend this to future students. It’s just such an awesome way to meet people! Connected to housing are dining halls where uni people eat and they are always looking for employees. That’s also a great way of meeting people and to get some money to fund your travels.


For a semester it costed 6 grand (US) for food (two meals a day) and accommodation living in the halls on campus. They had payment plans and I was able to afford that with my centrelink payments (which you can still get overseas). There’s so much going on on campus and most is free so entertainment definitely low. I got a round the world trip from STA travel for 1600 (AUS) and that got me from AUS to USA to UK to Greece and then back to AUS.


I think the biggest challenge was with so much going on finding the time to study. I would definitely recommend using electives that you're interested in and that won’t have a high workload…just because there’s so much to see and do. I overcame that by incorporating friends and study every now and then. We would go study outside or study somewhere different and it would make it feel kind of fun.

Professional Development

I think my exchange taught me that wherever you go in the world there are amazing people who can become your friends. Personally, it's made me feel way more confident about travelling.


Highlight was doing the Madison marathon with a friend and seeing our friends at the finish line screaming and cheering for us.

Top tips

Top tips would be to live on campus and study subjects that you never thought you’d end up doing at uni.