Lachlan - Prague University of Economics and Business

B Business Management/Economics
Semester 2, 2018
Going on exchange was the most fun i've ever had over a 5 month period

Academic experience

While on exchange I studied 6 courses, at first I was worried about the work load however soon realised they are easier than most courses at UQ. I studied two economics courses, Environmental Economics, and International Trade. I studied three business courses, International Business Operations, Supply Chain Managements and Globalisation. I also studied an elective, Cold War History which was by far my favourite course. The biggest challenge was trying to find courses that allowed me to receive full credit, this was easily solved by contacting the BEL exchange faculty. Another difficulty was the language barrier which existed with some of the lectures, all classes are in english however sometimes it can be hard to understand the teachers. This was easily solved by talking to other class mates and staying behind after class to confirm what they were trying to say.

Personal experience

Exchange was such an incredible experiences and allowed me to create life long friendships with people from all over the globe. This was easily my favourite part of exchange and helped me to increase my cultural awareness and communication skills. Along with the amazing people I met I was able to explore a lot of Europe as Prague is quite central as well as get to know Prague well and discover a lot of hidden gems.


I lived on the off campus dorms. I highly recommend this as it is full of international students and is a easy place to make lots of friends. I recommend getting a private room, I tried to save money and share a room with someone however quickly realised that getting a private room was the better option. The dorms are only a 15 minute ride to university and a 20min ride to the city. Just below the dorms is also the JUVE bar which has some of the cheapest beers in the city.


Prague is quite a cheap city in regards to living expenses and you are able to do it as cheap as possible, in saying this you need to spend money to have some fun. You should be able to budget around $200-$250 a week not including travel expenses and live comfortably, however depending on your lifestyle this could increase. Dont forget to travel, you need to spend money!


The biggest challenge was that fact that I knew it was going to end and that I would eventually have to say goodbye to everyone. I overcame this by being present and making the most of every opportunity that came my way.

Professional Development

While on exchange I grew and developed myself as a person. I definitely improved my approachability and communication as I had to adapt and communicate to many different cultures and people.


My highlight was definitely meeting people from all over the globe, as they say its not where you go but who you meet. In saying this Prague is an amazing city and extremely liveable and was such a great experience exploring the city and being able to call it home for the time I was there. Traveling on weekends to different countries with the friends I made was seriously incredible and something I will never forget.

Top tips

My advice is to say yes to absolutely everything, I'm sure you wont regret it. You'll probably only go on exchange once so don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and travel around. I also advise you to explore the city, there are many amazing hidden gems around. As well as explore the Czech Republic country side, Swiss Bohemia and Punkva caves will blow your mind, they sure blew mine.