Josephine - University of Leeds

B Business Management/Journalism
Semester 2, 2018
Take advantage of every opportunity because when you go outside of your comfort zone you learn things about yourself that you never even imagined possible!

Academic experience

I studied three courses that comprised my HR Major and one compulsory Business Management course. I really enjoyed my Strategic HRM Module which was led by some of the leaders in contemporary HRM research. The Business school at the University of Leeds was second-to-none and I was so honoured to be able to study there. The only challenge was understanding the academic expectation for students, but this was easily overcome by consulting with my lecturers. The enrolment process was fairly straightforward and once my study plan was approved by UQ, it all fell into place.

Personal experience

I was impressed by the youthful energy and cultural spirit on campus. I had never seen such a lively, energetic university union with so many activities, clubs, sports and support networks for students. My favourite place on campus was definitely the “Eddy B” library, whether it be for a study session with friends or exam crackdown in the silent study zone, it was an amazing location on campus. I also enjoyed using my gym membership at The Edge Fitness studio and Cromer Terrace as well as attending many classes which Ii would not normally try at home. I found myself loving bodypump, yoga, and Pilates. I also joined the Gryphon newspaper society and wrote many articles for the publication which I enjoyed a lot. The societies were every social and I loved the Tennis society as it helped me to improve my tennis skills, as well as enjoying some very fun nights out at Bierkeller, warehouse, and even a secret social to Newcastle.


I stayed on campus at Devonshire Hall where I made so many lifelong friends from all over the globe. The college was very social and I made so many friends from all over the world, as well as from the UK and Australia. Devonshire held many events including the formal welcome lunch, Halloween Dinner, Christmas Dinner and Ball. Dev definitely holds a place in my heart as my home in the UK where I made so many incredible memories and learnt so much about myself.


I recommend organising a budget before you leave and allowing some extra money for travelling and spontaneous trips you may decide to do while abroad. Personally, I stayed in catered accommodation which was approximately $4,000 for the semester, and I also spent around $8,000 on travelling before, during and after my exchange at Leeds.


My biggest challenge was deciding between travelling on weekends or staying on campus and exploring Leeds. I think  I striked a good balance between staying in and going out exploring, but it was definitely a difficult decision to decide how I spent my time!

Professional Development

I have definitely become more independent since exchange and have a new passion for travelling and exploring the world. Anything is possible!


I visited London three times while in Leeds, as well as the beautiful Roman city of Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. I also made day trips to York which was the cutest English town, just a stone’s throw from Leeds, and to Newcastle which was beautiful as well. I also travelled to Europe while on Exchange to Copenhagen (the Tivoli was absolutely freezing but the Christmas theme was magical) and to Lisbon which had also been on my bucket list for a while. Before my exchange I visited Spain, France and Italy on a Topdeck Tour and at the end of exchange I also visited London, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Milan and Spain with my family which was incredible!

Top tips

Going on exchange to Leeds was definitely a huge leap outside of my comfort zone but it was one of the most rewarding life experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend it enough and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take part in such a life-changing endeavour to definitely grasp it with both hands!