William - Purdue University

B Civil engineering/Commerce
Semester 2, 2018
Meet new people, have lots of fun.

Academic experience

I studied all civil engineering subjects and in particular did subjects that were equivalent to transportation engineering, Structural design II and Project management. I also did a course called geosciences in the cinema during my time at purdue as a course to reach a full 15 units of course work. The courses are differently structured to those at UQ and you have to deal with less stressful exams but more work throughout the semester in the form or sometimes daily homework in almost every subject. Enrolment was done via an academic advisor that purdue assigns you before you arrive.

Personal experience

I developed lifelong friendships with lots of people, in particular alot of other international students. Joining the rugby team allowed me to meet Irish people, Americans and helped you feel more at home having a bigger group of mates around campus that you can hang out with.


I lived on campus, living on campus allowed me to pay for a purdue meal plan and not have to worry about cooking any meals the entire time i was on exchange. The only downside to that was the rules and regulations that came with living in a dorm. If you are over 21 and heading on exchange i would recommend finding your own accommodation as there is s strict no alcohol on campus policy in Purdue even if you are over 21.


The most expensive things from my experience were the food an accommodation which were bundled together and paid for before i arrived. I chose the unlimited food package to be safe but you could easily get away with the 13 meal plan. Overall i would budget around $10,000 - $12,000 AUD to cover the semester. The most expensive part other than the food and accommodation was travel after. I planned two weeks after the semester in New Orleans with friends and this cost around $2,000


Meeting new people having gone on exchange alone with noone i already knew. Joining the rugby team allowed me to meet a group of guys that were all over campus in different courses and some of them were in classes of my own.

Professional Development

I learned how to adjust to different units, moving the the american system especially in engineering can be tough and adjusting to it took awhile but i managed to get the hang of it and complete the courses. Purdue also offers very experienced lecturers which provide a high level of education which i believe added to my professional development.


The Purdue win over Ohio State, which at the time was the number 2 ranked football team in the nation. Purdue dominated the game and ran away with the win which was probably the upset of the whole college football season.

Top tips

Be open to meeting new people from different backgrounds. Don't expect just to meet Americans as most of my best friends on exchange were also other exchange students.