Xiaolu - Waseda Short Term Japanese Program

B Arts
December 2018

My experience

As a university student studying Bachelor of Arts major in Japanese, I always hoped to explore the country which I studied the language for more than three years. After realising that not only I could get credit towards my Arts degree, but also spend a quality time with a new language environment, I decided to participate in this short term experience. I strongly agreed that I have improved my Japanese speaking skill and now aiming to take a Japanese language proficiency exam in July this year. I have also made friends who are ambitious about learning Japanese from all over the world.

My favourite memory from the experience is commute to Waseda University everyday like a local student. I enjoy walking around the neighbourhood every morning before going to class, buying breakfast at the convenience store, chasing after a tram that I am about to miss.I would advice future participants to apply for their accommodation early. Making sure that you don’t live too far away from the campus, as well as download an app named ‘Line’ which Japanese people use for day-to-day social network.