Emily - AIM Overseas Empowering Women in the 21st Century

B Arts
December 2018

My experience

I decided to complete a short term experience to further my global understanding whilst at university. I also thought it was a fantastic opportunity to combine travel with some productive; completing a university course.

How has the experience changed you?

This intensive program is exactly that a jam-packed three weeks where you learn each and every day whether that be content, culture or about yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed the Empowering Women in the 21st Century program and believe I have returned home more knowledgeable and enriched as a person.

Favourite memory

One of my favorite parts of the program was the culture trips that as a cohort we attended to both Sintra and Evora both where fantastic picks to showcase what Portugal is outside its capital. In addition, the knowledge and variation of the lecturers in the course allowed a global perspective to be explored surrounding feminism which was defiantly a highlight.

Top tips

After completing this program I believe that going on a short term exchange is one of the best experiences that you can have at the university. An exchange allows you an opportunity to travel abroad, meeting new people and push yourself out of your comfort zone. This program, in particular, has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of women's issue and challenges based on the cultural and institutional barriers that are underlying in the globe. From the intensive nature of the course, I think I have generated a much deeper understanding of the subject and of Portugal having been immersed in the culture.