Brigid - University College Dublin

B Science/Laws
Semester 2, 2018
The best thing I've ever done- such a great way to break up your studies if its getting a bit tedious while still getting credit for it.

Academic experience

While I was abroad I studied mostly biomedicine and pharmacology subjects. I enjoyed the fact that although I had to take 6 subjects to be considered a full time student, this meant that there was less to remember for each subject as they did not go into as much detail. This meant that the end of semester exams were a lot easier than what I was expecting. The registration process was a bit of a nightmare getting last minute subjects approved- especially with UQ being on a different timezone. Everyone in the administrations office at UCD were really helpful and friendly though and went above and beyond to get everything organised for me.

Personal experience

There were so many things I got to learn and places I got to experience on exchange. While I was over there I got to attend a number of different festivals which gave me some insight into different cultures. These included the running of the bulls festival in Spain and also Oktoberfest in Germany. Additionally, there were a number of Americans also studying at UCD so I got to experience many of their traditions such as halloween and thanksgiving.


While at UCD I was lucky enough to live on campus. This was really great because it meant that I was surrounded by other exchange students who had similar interests to me and were really social. The housing process was stressful to begin with because they have far more people apply for on campus accomodation than they can offer. This meant that our names went into a raffle and were were allocated accomodation based off that. Once on campus though it was great, I couldn't fault it!


Because I was wanting to do some travel before, after and during my exchange my total cost was a bit more expensive than someone just going over for the academic semester. Roughly I would recommend saving about $300 a week if you are wanting to travel on the weekends and go out during the week.


The most challenging thing for me was getting my subjects approved as I did not have much flexibility in them. The UCD academic staff were really understanding of exchange students and did everything they could to help get it sorted as quickly as possible.

Professional Development

Exchange was my first experience living out of home by myself. This meant I gained a number of skills required to be independent.


The travel I got to do and the friends I made while over there were definitely the highlight of my experience. To be able to pack a carry on bag for the weekend and jet off to a different country each week was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

Top tips

my advice would be that although the application process for exchange is timely and can be stressful that it is so worth it in the end. I could not recommend exchange enough to anyone thinking about going!!