Max - University of Sussex

B Biomedical Science
Semester 2, 2018

Academic experience

I studied for 2 semesters at the University of Sussex, which was really good because it allowed me to stay with my flatmates and friends I has made for a full academic year. My degree is Biomedical Science so I studied subjects mainly from the Life Sciences modules however I did take some electives from other schools. I found the enrolment process quite difficult, especially in my second semester. The Life Sciences school leaves the exchange student’s enrolment until after all the regular students have enrolled meaning many courses were already full. This became quite a frantic race to get credit approval for more courses from UQ while also trying to find courses that weren’t already full. I managed to finally enrol in 2 more courses on the deadline day for course changes. The courses assessment was heavily weighted towards the end of semester exam which was usually around 70% of the course assessment. There was also considerable less number of contact hours with little to no practical components however lecture attendance was taken in many classes.

Personal experience

Brighton is one of my favourite cities in the world and easily the best city in England in my opinion. It had a small city feel while still having all the big city amenities and also being only one hour from London. During my one year abroad I was lucky enough to do lots of travel all around the United Kingdom, Europe and even made it to Morocco and Israel. I made lots of friends, both English and Internationally and everyone was very welcoming and friendly.


I lived on-campus at the University in the Northfield accommodation. I had my own ensuite and a shared kitchen/living room which I shared with 5 other flat mates. All the flatmates got on really well and we would do everything together. Living on-campus made it very easy to get to class and we also had a student bar only 20 meters away which was an added benefit. The accommodation also backed onto the South Downs National Park which the University is located in which allowed for nice walks through the countryside.


My accommodation cost £162 a week. Food cost about £50 a week (there was an Aldi that had recently opened up not too far from the Uni). Travelling anywhere in England can be extremely expensive, including just getting into Brighton on the bus which cost £3.40 (which does add up).


The biggest challenge was finding subjects that I could get approved credit for from UQ. Although it was quite stressful, I managed to sort it out and everyone was very helpful.

Professional Development

I learnt many skills that I will be able to use in both personal and professional development.The main being resilience and determination. It can be difficult living on the other side of the world for a year however I pushed through and it allowed me to have one of the best experience of my life.


The highlight for me was definitely travelling around Europe. Everything is so close and there are so many different experiences to have. Flights can be found pretty cheap if you’re looking at the right time and everyone is always up for a trip.

Top tips

Make use of your time in Europe! Although it can sometimes seem like you’re spending a lot of money, there’s not many times when you’ll have the chance to see all the cool things in Europe.