Jacques - University College London

B Science
Semester 2, 2018

Academic experience

In UCL I studied 3 science based course and one elective of London Architecture. I especially enjoyed the London architecture course since it was designed by UCL for students on exchange. This course was not contained to a lecture theater but instead we travelling around London to see architecturally significant buildings. In UCL however, there was a policy of no lecture recordings. This made revising for exams particularly difficult since there was nothing to fall back on. I overcame this issue by forming study groups to collate all the notes taken by various individuals to ensure no information was missing. The enrollment process was similar to the process undertaken by UQ in that class sign-ons were conducted through a central website, however since we were exchange students, sign on for us only occurred after everyone else had finalized their courses.

Personal experience

The main takeaway I had from being on exchange was the wide range of unique experience I had had whilst it be living in a foreign country or travelling around Europe. Everything was new to me and keeping an open-mind allowed me to maximize my exchange semester.


I lived on campus in a UCL hall. The best thing about accommodation was that it was situated very closed to the university. This is a huge benefit because UCL is located in central London and therefore accommodation near the university can be hard to come by. I would definitely recommend staying at a UCL hall beacuse private accommodation in the same area was significantly pricier.


The accommodation cost 180 pounds a fortnight which you won't see a better deal for a room in central London. Food in the supermarkets were of similar price to Australian prices. However the public transport in London had significantly higher prices. A short Tube ride cost about 3 pounds which peak fares being even higher. Travelling around Europe is cheaper than many realizes. A Ryanair flight can cost 20 pounds return and many hostels do not charge more than 10 euros a night.


My biggest challenge travelling solo to countries that did not have a lot of English speakers. I had to learn simple phases in their native tongue as well as hand gestures to get my idea across.

Professional Development

I felt like I had improved my interpersonal skills. Knowing no-one from London meant it was essential to put myself out there and make as many new friends as possible.


The Highlight of my exchange semester was definitely travelling around Europe during the weekends or after the semester had ended. Europe is a small but densely populated area with a whole multitude of different unique cultures. I had the opportunity to experience many different sights and sounds whilst travelling around Europe.

Top tips

I would say just go for it. I have yet to find anyone who did not have an enjoyable experience whilst on exchange.