Pagoda Projects is going beyond work experience in the International Higher Education sector. We employ our own teams of professional & approachable people, across incredible destinations. We are ethical, ambitious and passionate about making unique opportunities accessible to people from all backgrounds.


What can I participate in?

Students can apply to complete a part-time or full-time remote internship across all sectors with one of our many partner companies in any of our host destinations which span China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. There is no need to commit or pay any deposit until we find you a placement you are happy with. 

Internships in a wide range of fields are available including:

  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Journalism
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Public Resources
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Sales
  • Digital
  • Law
  • Logistics & Trade
  • Design
  • NGO
  • Translation 

Further information on each section, can be found on the Pagoda Projects website.

Application Instructions

All applicants must meet the UQ Internship Eligibility Criteria and any other criteria as outlined by the host organisation. Students are required to apply to both UQ and Pagoda Projects via the buttons below.

  1. Submit an application to the Internships and Global Experiences Team and
  2. Submit an application to Pagoda Projects.

Students will receive access to their Internships Workflow once their application is approved by the Internships and Global Experiences Team. 

Apply to UQ  Apply to Pagoda Projects  


Costs & Inclusions

Once you are satisfied with a placement opportunity the program fee is AUD $1,850.

This cost includes: 

  • Access to over 100 remote internship listings
  • Experience placement team
  • Cultural mentor from the overseas destination
  • Weekly live virtual events 
  • Access to digitally delivered Pagoda Skills course
  • Access to a global network of students and graduates completing various Pagoda programs around the world
  • Pagoda Projects staff to assist you through your internship
  • Pagoda Alumni member benefits

Students will also be required to pay a deposit of AUD $300 which is fully refundable provided the terms of the placement agreement have been met. Deposit is only due once placement has been finalised and student have signed the booking form with Pagoda Projects.


Funding is not guaranteed even if all selection criteria are met. Funding should not be a factor when developing your budget and should only be considered supplementary financial support if awarded. 

Applicants will be considered for only one grant per application round.

New Colombo Plan Virtual Mobility Grant

Eligible students are considered for one of the ten+ AUD $1,850 New Colombo Plan Virtual Mobility Grants for Pagoda Projects Remote Internships in ChinaJapanTaiwan Vietnam

When you submit your application to the Internships and Global Experiences team, you are automatically considered. There is no additional application required. Applicants will need to submit supporting documentation (host acceptance, bank details) by the relevant deadline. 

This grant is not guaranteed even if all selection criteria are met. Students who are due to graduate at the end of semester 2, 2021 will not be eligible for this grant. 

Widening Participation Grant & Short-term Experiences Grant

When you submit your application for an internship, you are automatically considered for funding that is relevant to your nominated experience. Please refer to the Short-Term Experiences Funding page for details.

Credit for Internships

Some students may be able to receive credit towards their UQ program pending faculty approval. The Global Experiences Team is unable to provide further advice regarding internships for credit. If you are interested in seeking credit, please refer to the Credit for Internships page for more specific details

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

UQ: 30 September 2021
Host: 05 November 2021

Program Dates

Varies - (4 week minimum, 8 week maximum)

Earliest start: 06 December 2021
Latest end: 28 January 2022


Fast Facts

Type: Work Experience
Mode: Internship
Location: Virtual
Credit: For-credit or Not-for-credit
Cohort: Undergraduate and postgraduate

Internship Information Sessions

Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.

Information Sessions

Pagoda Projects Remote Internships | April 2021 | Session recording