The Indonesia Internship is a six-week opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in Jakarta, Indonesia. Internship placements vary per industry. 

Outside of work hours, the program will comprise business, NGO and government visits, networking events and one-on-one mentoring, giving you an in-depth and balanced insight into working in the Asia-Pacific. Before your internship begins, you will also spend three days visiting a diverse range of organisations making waves in Jakarta, in order to gain an understanding of Indonesia’s complex culture and find your feet before you begin work. The internships offered on this program are open to students in any field of study, with a wide range of host organisations available from multinational corporations, world-renowned NGOs, small businesses, government bodies, start-ups and grass-roots community organisations.


The Indonesian Internship program through International Internships will allow you to complete a six-week long internship, where you will be placed with an organisation carefully selected to suit your studies and interests. The independent nature of the internship means that during working hours, you will be completely immersed in Indonesian working culture. 

During the internship, a wide range of activities outside of work hours will be organised for you to maximise opportunities for immersion into Jakarta's professional world. International Internship's staff will be present to guide you through the challenges of entering the workforce, especially in an international setting. Students will be enrolled in the ‘Global Professional Experience unit at BINUS University, which involves supervision and support from BINUS academics. UQ students will also be paired with a buddy from BINUS, who will attend events outside of work hours.

The program is open to a range of fields of study, including, but not limited to, business, engineering, law, political science, international studies and human movement. More information can be found on the program brochure and course profile. 

Credit Equivalent

Satisfactory completion of program = 2 UQ Units. Credit may be available for eligible students, pending UQ faculty approval. 

Visa Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa for the country where you will be studying. As the Global Experiences team is not a visa-issuing authority we cannot provide visa advice.

Contact International Internships for visa and immigration information.

Eligibility and application

All applicants must meet the UQ's short-term experience eligibility criteria. As this program impacts on UQ semester 2, 2020 dates, UQ students must also meet the additional eligibility criteria for the short-term experience. 

 Apply to UQ Apply to host


The program fee is approximately $3,550 AUD which includes the placement services provided by International Internships, on-the-ground support, airport transfers, accommodation, orientation and weekend trip, networking events and workshops, language classes and some meals. More information regarding fees can be found on the program brochure.

A limited number of $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants may be available for eligible participants. 

Applicants may also be eligible for UQ-specific funding. Applicants will be notified by mid-May (for winter programs) or late-October (for summer programs) if they are eligible for travel grants and scholarships awarded by the Global Experiences Team. Please do not rely on this funding to support your global experience.


Housing is included in the program fee.

Amanda - 2019

A short-term experience from UQ enables us to travel to other part of the world to experience the culture as a “local”, as we will be staying at the hosting country for at least 3 weeks. I decided to participate in the 6-week Jakarta Internship as, firstly, I can gain real-life working experience at a local organisation in Jakarta; Secondly, I can gain credits from the internship; And finally, I will be able to travel to a city that I have never been to, and to live there for 6 weeks.

Read more of Amanda's story here


Helen - 2019

I’ve always been passionate about human rights and justice and had big dreams when I submitted my university application back in 2015 but I never knew where it could possibly take me. When I saw the opportunity to broaden my horizons and explore different career opportunities in a place as culturally wonderful as Indonesia, I couldn't say no.

Read more of Helen's story here. 

EAIT Faculty Credit Assessment

Credit must be confirmed with the EAIT Faculty to check suitability for your program requirements. The credit precedent information on this site is provided as a guide only and is subject to change. Please see Credit Precedents Disclaimer for further details.

Jakarta Internship - International Internships EAIT Credit Assessment

Jakarta Internship - International Internships

Engineering students may be eligible for Professional Practice. This program is approved for up to 75 hours of Part B Practice.

If you are seeking recognition for professional practice, please upload a completed, Intention to Claim Professional Practice Form to your Short Term Global Experience Application in lieu of the Application for Credit form.

HASS Faculty Credit Assessment

Credit must be confirmed with the HASS Faculty to check suitability for your program requirements. You should consult with a faculty advisor prior to submitting an application. The credit precedents information on this site is provided as a guide only. Please see Credit Precedents Disclaimer for further details.

Jakarta Internship - International Internships HASS Credit Assessment
Jakarta Internship - International Internships Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences students may be eligible for Level 2 credit through PHSS2000: Practical Employability Experience. Students must have space within their program for a 2 unit general elective. For more information, visit the course webpage.


Key Dates

Application Deadlines

UQ: 10 March 2020
Host: 12 April 2020

Program Dates

Start: 21 June 2020
End: 1 August 2020

Fast Facts

Type: Internship 
Mode: Study abroad
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Credit: For-credit and not-for-credit
Cohort: Undergraduate and postgraduate


If you participate in a short-term program you may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student. 

Application Deadlines

15 January for overseas study commencing March to August
15 March for overseas study commencing May to October
15 June for overseas study commencing August to January
15 September for overseas study commencing November to April

Refer to the funding page for more information on eligibility requirements and loan amounts. 

Global Experiences Information Sessions

Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.​