The information below is for Summer 2018/2019 and is to be used as a reference only. Updated information for Summer 2019/2020 will be available in late July. 

The International Winter University at Kassel welcomes students from all around the world to Kassel! Use your semester break for a character and resume building opportunity that will benefit you a lifetime.

The IWU Kassel offers specially created modules, focusing on the main issues of the current globalization trends. The academic program is combined with an intensive German language course offered at different levels. The class concept has been designed to teach German in the most effective way: It combines lectures of highly competent teachers with practical exercises in everyday German life – the best way to directly experience a new language. 

Field of Study

  • Environmental engineering
  • History
  • Literature
  • Art History
  • Philosophy

For more detailed information about these courses go to the host university website.

Credit Equivalent 

4-5 ECTS = 2 UQ Units. Maximum of 2 UQ Units if 4-5 ECTS are successfully completed (pending UQ faculty approval).

Visa Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa for the country where you will be studying. As the Global Experiences team is not a visa-issuing authority we cannot provide visa advice.

Contact the host university for visa and immigration information.

Eligibility and Application

All applicants must meet the UQ short-term experience eligibility criteria. This is a competitive program and students must obtain credit in order to participate in this program. Students will be selected via an internal Global Experiences selection committee, as well as an internal Hessen evaluation. 

Applicants must complete the Global Experiences online application and provide the following additional documents to their online application:

Apply to UQ


Tuition is paid to UQ. The Hessen State government is providing a scholarship to selected Queensland students to waive the cost of accommodation. Students are responsible for paying for their flights, visas and associated living costs.

Applicants may also be eligible for UQ-specific funding.


Accommodation is arranged as part of the program. More information regarding accommodation can be found on the host university website. 

Harry - 2019


I decided to do the exchange for three reasons. Firstly it would allow me to do another subject over the holidays which would make the workload in my next semester significantly lighter. Secondly it offered me the opportunity to learn about environmental engineering within one of the countries leading the development of renewable technology, and lastly it allowed me to travel through Europe over the holidays and meet some awesome people.

Read more of Harry's story here. 


Tony - 2019

I've learnt that the international experience and education has added a whole new dimension to my university degree. Learning course contents with people from all over the world while also experiencing a different culture has been an incredible experience.  I was fortunate enough to experience German engineering and innovation through this program.

Read more of Tony's story here. 


Ellen - 2018

I decided to complete this experience to embrace a new culture and learn about how renewable technology is used in different parts of the world. I learnt these things and so much more! Not only was I welcomed into a host family and learnt a little bit of German, but I got to explore historic towns around Kassel while learning about the challenges and benefits of renewable technology in Germany.

Read more of Ellen's story here. 


James - 2017

I chose to participate in the International Winter University (IWU) set in Kassel, Germany. Kassel is a beautiful town that transforms into a winter wonderland over the course of the IWU. Set in the heart of Europe, it is conveniently placed for quick weekend trips to the neighbouring countries.I decided to complete this experience because I wanted to learn more about German culture. This program was one of only a select few that included a home stay component. This allowed me to learn about German culture first hand!

Read more of James's story here. 

EAIT Faculty Credit Assessment

Credit must be confirmed with the EAIT Faculty to check suitability for your program requirements. The credit precedent information on this site is provided as a guide only. Please see Credit Precedents Disclaimer for further details.

Kassel Course EAIT Credit Assessment

Environmental Engineering – Renewable Energy Sources

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) - 2 units for Engineering elective as approved by EAIT Faculty

Environmental Engineering – Renewable Energy Sources

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/Master of Engineering  – 2 units for Engineering elective as approved by EAIT Faculty

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

UQ: 10 September
Host: TBC

Program Dates

Start: 29 December 2018
End: 18 January 2019

The dates listed above are for the Summer 2018/2019 program. Dates for the Summer 2019/2020 program are TBC. 

Fast Facts

Type: Study
Mode: Exchange
Location: Kassel, Germany
Credit: For-credit
Cohort: Undergraduate


If you participate in a short-term program you may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student. 

Application Deadlines

15 January for overseas study commencing March to August
15 March for overseas study commencing May to October
15 June for overseas study commencing August to January
15 September for overseas study commencing November to April

Refer to the funding page for more information on eligibility requirements and loan amounts. 

Global Experiences Information Sessions

Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.​