Student Staff Partnerships - Projects Overview

Projects - A step by step overview

The Partnerships Team have included a few milestones that Student and Staff Partners will encounter so that you may get the most out of the experience. An overview of what to expect and the main steps involved from submission of a project or applying to collaborate on a project, right through to the completion of a project is outlined below:

Learn more about becoming a Student or Staff Partner

The Student-Staff Partnerships Team holds frequent Information Sessions, which are open for any UQ student or staff to attend. If you would like more information on submitting or applying for a project then come along to one of these FREE sessions.

Attend an Information Sessions

The Student-Staff Partnerships Project Handbook is also a detailed and handy guide to finding out more about the process and requirements of becoming a Student or Staff Partner.

Download 2019 Projects Handbook

Submit a project idea

There are four rounds in which you may submit a partnership idea. Be sure to submit your project ideas by the due date, and ensure that you have aligned your submission to the program criteria. View the Project Timelines for further information on future dates.

Project Timelines


Accept your offer

Student Partners will receive an email informing them whether their application has been successful. Once the Student Partner accepts, they will be asked to provide their banking and postal address information so that the Student-Staff Partnerships team can process grant instalments. 

Attend your induction

All Partnership Teams (Student and Staff Partners) will be required to attend a face-to-face two hour Partnership Induction prior to the commencement of their projects. Team members are encouraged to attend the same session as there will be a range of group activities which seek to develop common expectations on how to engage in partnership with one another. The Induction will cover: 

  • An overview of the Initiative and Partnership at UQ; 
  • Practical tips for Project Teams; 
  • An overview of Project Milestones; 
  • Group activities. 

Submit a Co-developed project plan

All teams must complete a Co-developed Project Plan and submit to the Partnerships Team via the Student Partners Workflow. This document can be found in the Workflow and in the Further Resources page

The purpose of the co-developed plan is to provide an opportunity for all partners to contribute to the intellectual design of the project. This is a foundational document for project teams as it enables you to develop your ‘rules of engagement’ as a team at the commencement of your project. 

This document seeks to serve as a conversation starter for teams, and you are not locked in to what you write in the plan. Rather it aims to ensure that teams have had transparent conversations regarding their preferred communication and collaboration strategies and discussed the scope of the project. We encourage you to revisit your project plan throughout the lifespan of your project, as things may shift, priorities may change, or new lessons may be learned. 

If you find that your agreed upon communication or collaboration strategies are not working, we encourage you to discuss this as a team and adopt different strategies. 

Once the Project Plan has been submitted, the first instalment of the Student Partner grant will be processed. 

Commence your project

After all team members have attended an Induction and submitted the Co-developed Project Plan, teams may then commence their Projects! 

Attend a networking event

We will provide opportunities for Student and Staff Partners to meet with partners from a range of other projects, share knowledge and expand their professional networks. Information will be provided by the Partnerships Team. 

Submit your Retrospective Report

All teams must co-develop a Retrospective Report and submit to the Partnerships Team via the Student Partners Workflow. This document can be found in the Workflow and in the Further Resources Page. The Report is a high-level overview of the outcomes and impact of your Project, along with a self-reflection component to provide all partners with the opportunity to reflect upon the experience. The Report will address elements such as: were the deliverables met and what did the team members learn about partnership. 

Once the Retrospective Report has been submitted, the second, and final instalment of the Student Partner grant will be processed.

Program evaluation

The Partnerships Team would appreciate any feedback or recommendations that you may have to enhance the initiative. At the conclusion of your project, you will be sent an (optional) evaluation. 


At the conclusion of your project, the Partnerships Team will be in contact with you to invite you to attend a Celebration. All Student and Staff Partners will be invited, and this is a wonderful way for you to celebrate with your team your accomplishments in finishing the project, and an opportunity to network with other Student and Staff Partners who have collaborated on diverse projects. 

Receive your project grant

For projects to receive Student Partner grant funding, all projects must  address the following elements in their submission: 

  • Involves a co-creation to reflect shared responsibility between student and staff partners. E.g. distributed leadership, with Student Partners contributing to the intellectual design and development of the project. 
  • All partners are committed to the partnership approach and ensure appropriate time is taken to develop these partnerships. 
  • It must seek to enhance the overall UQ student experience (e.g. impact students either across the University, Faculty or across a School). 
  • No more than five student partners are included per project. 
  • The scope of the project is feasible given the timing constraints. 

View the 2019 Project Handbook for a overview of Student Partner grants.

Attend the Student-Staff Partnership Showcase

As part of the initiative, there is an annual UQ Student-Staff Partnerships Showcase. This Showcase provides UQ Students and Staff with the opportunity to present the outcomes of their projects, highlight the impacts of partnership, and/or discuss the challenges faced with partnership. This Showcase is open to the UQ community and students and staff from other universities to attend. Information will be provided to partners by the Partnerships Team.