A number of resources, templates and guides have been created for Student and Staff Partners that seek to support you throughout your partnership. Sift through the tabs below for more information.

Ladder of Student Participation

There are various ways in which students and staff can collaborate in partnership. Dr Catherine Bovill and Dr Cathy Bulley developed a “Ladder of Participation.” This model is particularly useful when reflecting on the types of participation and partnership that may occur between students and staff. The figure below (developed by Dr’s Bovill and Bulley) highlights the range of ways in which students and staff may engage with one another when designing curriculum or engaging in initiatives.

To find out more about the Ladder of Participation, you may want to read this fantastic chapter:
Bovill, C. and Bulley, C.J. (2011) A model of active student participation in curriculum design: exploring desirability and possibility. In Rust, C. Improving Student Learning (18) Global theories and local practices: institutional, disciplinary and cultural variations. Oxford: The Oxford Centre for Staff and Educational Development, pp176-188.

Ladder of Student Participation

Dr Catherine Bovill, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh catherine.bovill@ed.ac.uk 

Projects Handbook

This is a comprehensive guide for Student and Staff Partners  that will give a thorough overview of processes, grants, case studies, testimonials, key milestones, taxation requirements and more.

Download 2019 Project Handbook

Co-developed Project Plan

The Co-developed Project Plan Template will help you create clear goals and objectives to help keep Student and Staff Partners on track through the duration of their project.

Download Project Plan Template

Retrospective Report

The Retrospective Report Template will be filled in upon the completion of your project and will align with the aims and goals outlined in the Co-developed Plan you created at the beginning of your project. It will include a summary of the project outcomes, achievements, issues and key reflections that both Student and Staff Partners faced on their journey.

Download Retrospective Report Template

Employability Resources

For tips and guides on building your resume, writing cover letters, applying for jobs, writing applications and more, check out the employability resources on Student Hub.

Resume & Employability Resources


Considerations for Selecting Student Partners

This document is designed to guide Project Leaders (Students or Staff) in selecting Student Partners for Projects. By no means is this document exhaustive, but rather seeks to prompt reflection when selecting Student Partners.

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