UQ has a wide range of Summer Research projects available to suit many interests and disciplines, across a number of schools, institutes and centres.

Participating units are listed below, please follow the links to their webpages to find additional information on available projects.

Faculty of Business, Economics & Law

The Faculty has an extensive research agenda that encourages collaborative research and the development of innovative and practical ideas. Faculty researchers are recognised internationally for both the academic quality of their work and their engagement with public and private sector organisations.

Available projects

Please email the relevant staff member for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

School of Economics

Megan Sandaver, m.sandaver@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 6781

TC Beirne School of Law

Claire Ritchie, c.ritchie@law.uq.edu.au, 07 3365 7903

UQ Business School

Karen Morgan, k.morgan@business.uq.edu.au, 07 3346 8054

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology develops graduates to support industry and brings together some of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of engineering, architecture, multimedia design and information technology.The Faculty's research strengths include: Architecture, Biomedical and Biological Engineering, Energy and Power, Intelligent Systems, Hypersoncis, Materials Engineering, Mining and Minerals Technology, and Water Engineering. 

Available projects

Please visit the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology Summer Research Scholarships website for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

School of Architecture

Brit Winnen , b.winnen@uq.edu.au, 07 3366 9082

School of Chemical Engineering

Andrea Rowan, a.rowan@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 7924

School of Civil Engineering

Jeanette Watson, enquiries@civil.uq.edu.au, 07 3366 7878

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Jay Prentice, enquiries@itee.uq.edu.au, 07 3366 7878

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Karen Foster, hr@mechmining.uq.edu.au, 07 3346 7823

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) is a world leader in health education and research. More than $300 million has been invested in new infrastructure providing state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence and Australia’s largest tertiary oral health centre.

Available projects

Please visit the following links for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research

Dr Matthew Gullo, m.gullo@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 5145

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Hayley Sycz, rhdadmin.shrs@uq.edu.au, 07 336 57123

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot, hmns.rhd@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 6912

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work  

Natalie Cowley, nmsw.research@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 9014

School of Pharmacy

Felicity Lingberg, research@pharmacy.uq.edu.au, 07 33461926

School of Psychology

Michael Hong , habs@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 9023

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) is where studying the human experience translates into value for future generations. With HASS you can explore your ideas and passions, looking at past and present game-changers to shape the future you want for yourself and your world. The unique institutes and centres within this faculty have placed UQ highly in all the major world rankings, and attracted major social sciences research investment from the public and private sector.

Available projects

Please visit the following links for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities

Dr Karin Sellberg, k.sellberg@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 9493

Institute for Social Science Research

Dr Lisa Pope, issrpgao@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 6504

School of Communication and Arts

James Norris, communication-arts@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 2552

School of Education

Rupert Bagraith, s.bagraith@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 6533

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Tony Hartley, hapi.academicadmin@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 1416

School of Languages & Cultures

Joanne Hopper, languages-cultures@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 2270

School of Music

Gary Johnson, musicmanager@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 4121

School of Political Science and International Studies

Debra McKenzie, polsis.enquiries@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 2517

School of Social Science

Julia Alldridge, j.alldridge@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 3152

Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (MABS) is continuing to build capacity in key enabling like genomics, medicinal chemistry and drug development. UQ has invested substantially in building optimum environments in which to study these clinically relevant disciplines and other global health challenges.

Available projects

Please visit the following links for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

Mater Medical Research Institute 

Marilyn Wilckens, marilyn.wickens@mater.uq.edu.au, 07 3443 7613

School of Biomedical Sciences

Dr Johan Rosengren, j.rosengren@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 1403

School of Medicine

Lisa Hennell, somsummerscholarship@uq.edu.au, 07 334 64715

School of Public Health

Justine Robins, j.robins1@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 5393

UQ Centre for Clinical Research

Roheen Gill, somsummerscholarship@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 6071

UQ Diamantina Institute 

Angela Bestard, di.pgao@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 6071

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is recognised as a powerhouse for some of the world’s leading scientists, teachers, science programs and commercial outcomes.

Available projects

Available projects are listed on the Faculty of Science website

All enquiries can be emailed to enquire@science.uq.edu.au, or you can call the Faculty of Science on 07 3365 1888

Schools include: 

  • School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
  • School of Earth Sciences
  • School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management
  • School of Mathematics and Physics
  • School of Veterinary Science

Institutes & Centres

In partnership with government, industry and donors, UQ has developed eight globally-recognised Research Institutes in a comprehensive range of disciplines, including the biosciences, nanotechnology, sustainable development and social science. 

Available projects

Please visit the following links for further information about available projects, project length and eligibility requirements.

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Chris Ende, aibnints@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 4415

Centre for Advanced Imaging

Dr Lorine Wilkinson, l.wilkinson@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 0364

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Miss Cody Mudgway, c.mudgway@uq.edu.au , 3346 2133

Institute for Social Science Research

Dr Lisa Pope, issrpgao@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 9686

Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Stefani Rooney, teaching.awards@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 6351

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)

Rosa Armitage, qaafi_rhd@uq.edu.au

Queensland Brain Institute

Janet Voight, qbistudents@uq.edu.au, 07 3346 6401

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Ryan Bracey, r.bracey@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 5865

UQ Art Museum

Kath Kerswell, artmuseum@uq.edu.au, 07 3365 2615

UQ Diamantina Institute

Angela Bestard, di.pgao@uq.edu.au, 07 3443 7015

UQ Poche Centre

Kate Swanson, poche@uq.edu.au, 07 3443 1678


The eligibility requirements and project lengths may vary.

We recommend that you follow the links to the relevant unit websites to confirm any specific eligibility requirements.


Applications for the Summer Research Program will open on 10 July, 2017, and close on 31 August, 2017.

Late applications are not permitted.