Getting started

Before you embark on your adventures and begin activities, there are some things you need to consider.

We strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the information outlined below.

Understand the Award requirements

To get started in the Employability Award program, you will need to understand the program requirements. Here are a few key things to get you on your way:

  • Familiarise yourself with the resources available for the Award, in particular the Conditions of Participation.
  • Make a note of important program dates and deadlines
  • Review the information on how to Plan your success to ensure you are a step above the rest and are best prepared to apply your skills in the workplace.

Register for the Award

Your Employability Award progress is managed through StudentHub. Register your participation below.

You will also need to sign up for My ePortfolio to start compiling your Award application. This process can be undertaken once you have commenced or completed your activities.

Register for the Award

Plan your activities

To complete the program, you will need to complete a minimum of 100 hours of work experience, 100 hours of volunteering, and participate in five supplementary activities.

The Activities Guide booklet provides a guide to the types of activities each category can include, as well as some sugguestions to consider.  You are also encouraged to find your own activities.

If you are considering an off-campus activity that has a cost attached you may be eligible for financial suport available through the Employability Grant.

Consider the following definitions when selecting your activities:

Work Experience

Activities you perform in a work environment which supports the day-to-day running of the organisation to meet their business objectives, which can be paid or unpaid.


An activity that is undertaken for the main purpose of benefitting someone else, such as a church, sporting club, government school, charity, or non-for-profit community organisation, for which you do not receive payment.

Supplementary Activity

An activity other than work experience or volunteering, in which your involvement can lead to the development of personal or professional skills or attributes. Refer to the Conditions of Participation for the rules regarding the recording of Supplementary Activities.

Record and reflect on your completed activities

All of the activities you complete as part of the Award will help you to develop a set of capabilities and mindsets that employers are looking for.

Recording and reflecting on your activities enables you to unpack each experience to find out what you specifically developed and will make it easier for you to effectively communicate your potential to an employer. The activity-log form within StudentHub is designed to help you do this.

Simply visit the Employability Award workflow on StudentHub to record and reflect upon your experience under each Award category. We suggest you bookmark your Award page so it's easy to find.

Apply for the Award

Once you have completed the minimum Award requirements, you will be invited to apply for the Award by completing an Employability Award ePortfolio. Applying for formal recognition of your involvement in extra-curricular activities is entirely your choice. You must complete this ePortfolio if you wish to progress to an interview for the Award and receive the statement of attainment when you graduate.

The Employability Award ePortfolio is designed to provide students with an opportunity to create an 'experience bank' of skills and attributes and to communicate these in a concise and professional manner that can be drawn upon in future recruitment processes. Further to this, you will establish your personal brand and online identity. Refer to the Award Application Guide and ePortfolio training video under the 'Resources' section of this website for more information.

Award ePortfolio applications must be received by 29 April for Semester one graduations and 30 September for Semster two graduations.

Your application will be reviewed and you will receive feedback via an assessment rubric within the ePortfolio. You will then be invited to your Employability Award interview between weeks 12 - 13.

Attend your Employability Award interview

Your interview is the final step to complete the Emloyability Award program and is conducted between weeks 12 - 13.

During this stage of the program, you will communicate your employability in an interview situation to a carefully selected interview panel. You will be asked behavioural based questions and will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel, too.  Refer to the Employability Award Interview Guide under the 'Resources' section of this website for more information.

Upon successful completion, you will receive feedback on your interview via your Employability Award ePortfolio page to assist you in continuing to refine your interviewing technique and confirm your successful completion of the program.

Lastly, we will invite you to complete your final Award Activity report, which will provide us with valuable feedback on the whole program, and have the potential to inspire and encourage other students to get involved in the program.