To be a global citizen, you are knowledgeable of peoples, customs and cultures in regions of the world beyond your own; you understand the interdependence that holds both promise and peril for the future of the global community; and you're committed to combining your learning with a dedication to foster a livable, sustainable world.

Join us for a panel discussion on the benefits and value of being a global citizen and exploring the world around us. 

This session is recommended for students in Level 1.

About Symposium Series

As a participant of the UQ Employability Award program, you will have exclusive access to the Symposium Series.

These sessions bring together UQ academics, visiting scholars, alumni, and industry contacts to discuss a broad range of topics designed especially to support your professional development and help you translate your skills into practice in the workplace.

Attending three symposia can count towards the Award as a supplementary activity. You will need to register your attendance through StudentHub.

Please note: Semester 2, 2017 will be the final semester that Symposium Series sessions are held, and your last chance to attend 3 to count as one supplementary activity. Don't miss out!

Session topics

Session topics will span across a range of professional and personal development themes. Each session has been classified into a recommended level to help you select the sessions which are most relevant to you to complement your studies:

  • Level 1: Years 1/2 (for students new to UQ or early stages of their current program)
  • Level 2: Years 2/3 (for students in the middle of their program)
  • Level 3: Years 3/4/Honours (for students nearing the end of their program)