Who are NEXSTEP?

NEXSTEP was voted 2017’s most innovative internship program by goabroad.com for its Virtual Internship Initiative. As companies transition to remote work structures, it is clear that our work reality has changed and the lasting impact of how work will be conducted online makes a virtual internship experience life-changing and future-ready for the next generation of leaders like yourself.

As students are currently not able to travel abroad, we should not limit their access to gaining work experience in an international context, therefore a creative learning structure for virtual internships combines both global engagement with real-world project-based experience.

What can I participate in?

NEXSTEP offer a range of virtual internship opportunities over a wide array of sectors across Singapore, China, Hong Kong SAR, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and Indonesia. Further information on the opportunities available can be found on the NEXSTEP website.

In this information session you will hear directly from the UQ Internships and Global Experiences Team and NEXSTEP on:

  • The value of completing a virtual internship opportunity,
  • the types of virtual internships offer for EAIT students,
  • how they are run and what is required to participate,
  • the program cost and what support and development you will receive,
  • funding opportunities available, and
  • what the benefits are to participating in a virtual internship program.

This will be a live session, so if you have questions or wish to consider a virtual internship opportunity, please register below and join us on Wednesday, 14 April at 1:00 pm

Attendance Information

A link to attend this session and password will be emailed to only those registered for this event, 30 minutes prior to the session.

Please ensure you register before 12pm on Tuesday, 13 April to participate.