Virtual Internship Partners Ltd are the sister company of CRCC Asia and specialise in delivering meaningful and transformative virtual work experiences to students. They connect students directly to host companies with their re-arranged virtual internship opportunity, offering student flexibility, and the opportunity to still apply their knowledge to real working industry challenges, without the commitment of attending a workplace each day.

Information Session will include:

In this information session you will hear direct from Virtual Intenrship Partners on:

  • The types of virtual intneships offer, 
  • how they are run and what is required to participate,
  • the program cost and what support and development you will recieve, and
  • what are the benefits to participating in a virtual internship program. 

This will be a live session, so if you have questions or wish to consider a virtual intenrship opportunity, please register below and join us on Thursday 14 May at 12pm via zoom.


The session link and password will be emailed to only those registerd for this event, 1 hour prior to the session.

Please ensure you reglister before 11am on Thursday 14 May to participate.