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UQ recognises that the skills to innovate, take good ideas to market and connect with the right groups are key to giving ideas value and creating change

We provide advice on developing those skills in an accessible and engaging way through entrepreneurial support programs like iLab and UQ Idea Hub.

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UQ Idea Hub is a practical, hands-on program that provides aspiring student entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to conceive a startup.
Want to start your own business? The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science can give you advice on how to start and run your business.
Budding entrepreneurs can grow their business ideas from seed, with ilab’s intensive three-month ilab Germinate 6 program.

Discover events, courses, workshops, internships, mentors to help build your entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurship in action

Entrepreneurship in action

UQ commerce and engineering student Lucas Patchett is co-founder of Orange Sky Laundry, Australia’s first free mobile clothes-washing service for the homeless.

Andrew Barnes is co-founder of Go1, an award-winning company specialising in online learning management tools - The company recently secured over $1M in seed funding, which has allowed Andrew to expand his tech start-up in Australia and around the world.

Tippy Toe Co

UQ students Zachary and Mikayla turned their university project into a business; The Tippy Toe Co, a ballet school for children with special needs.