Plan your employability strategy

Start preparing now

It is never too early for you think about your future career and for you to start planning your next steps.

It is important to be proactive when planning your career and ensure that you make use of all that UQ has to offer.

 Be proactive

 Find organisations that suit you

 Build your practical skill set

Getting started

What is your reason for looking into university study? What is or has been holding you back? Take a look at the opportunities that university will present you with and find ways to manage the obstacles.

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Planning your career

By reading a variety of job advertisements, you will gain an understanding of the type of jobs available in your chosen career area and what skills you need.

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Developing your skills through experience

UQ can assist you to access unique opportunities with organisations in Australia and worldwide and provide you with support to strengthen your employability.

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Progression from student to graduate

Many organisations promote graduate positions a year in advance. Decide which companies interest you and research their graduate programs and application dates.

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Find courses that both entice and challenge you. UQx offers a growing catalogue of courses that will teach you new skills and expand your knowledge.
UQ can offer you experiences that will give you the independence, maturity and communication skills that will help your professional and personal life.
Depending on your area of study, a higher degree might be for you. Research your dream job and see what level of education you need to succeed.

Your student strategy

 Find out how UQ is committed to providing you with greater mentorships and practical experience.