How the Award works

The Process

The Employability Award Process

You will need to complete the steps outlined above to receive the Award.

Register for the Award

Conditions of participation

Read the full conditions of participation here

  • All activities that count towards the Award must be extra-curricular (not for course credit)
  • Only activities completed during your current program of study at UQ can be included
  • You are required to submit a reflection after completion of each activity in StudentHub
  • Once you have completed the activity requirements for the Award, you will have the option to apply for an Employability Award Interview
  • Award ePortfolio applications need to be submitted by April 29 for semester one graduations or September 30 for semester two graduations.
  • Award interviews are conducted between weeks 12 - 13 only.  Students must book an interview between this period.   

Who can participate

All currently enrolled full degree undergraduate, honours or postgraduate coursework students can register for the Award at any time throughout their degree.

There are no minimum GPA requirements. The program is designed to complement your degree and will not extend your program.

You have the duration of your degree to work towards the Award activity requirements, however you are not obliged to complete them and receive the Award.  

Your extra-curricular activities can be completed at any time during your degree, however you should only submit your application for the Award in the semester you are due to graduate.

Information sessions

Employability Award information sessions are open to all undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework students and staff members.

Access to promotional material and resources for staff involved in the Employability Award.