Drishtee Immersion is a not-for-profit social enterprise that believes in the transformational potential of empathy.  This is your unique opportunity to learn advanced real-world empathy skills, connect with people from your host community & support community-driven projects for better community health, education, livelihood and wellbeing. 

Live in a Japanese village, be welcomed as family & participate in village life. Learn local customs & language to foster trust and respect. In small multi-disciplinary teams of eight you will collaborate hand-in-hand with village partners to explore crucial village needs like water, alternative income opportunities, health & more. With our expert team guiding you through our unique methods designed to evolve community empathy towards positive social impacts. 

Drishtee Immersion is a unique organisation that believes in the transformative potential of empathy. When you join our program, you are a guest of the host community in Yamaguchi (Japan). Village leaders and elders have invited your group, to spend time understanding each other, in order to foster local knowledge, confidence and motivation to move forward, together


To achieve these groundbreaking outcomes your experience is fully-facilitated by local and international experts. Day-to-day activities include fun and engaging workshops, interesting expert discussions, and inspiring community interactions. The program is designed to challenge your perception of the world, it will support your personal leadership development and will provide the ideal platform for the rest of your studies and future career.

Here is a sample of topics and experiences covered: 

  • Empathy skills: using unique applied empathy methods you will take part in a series of workshops with tools to foster new perspectives of people vastly different to you
  • Cross-cultural communication: discover how to interact with others through non-verbal communication methods embodying cultural respect. You will also enjoy learning the local language to better communicate whilst being supported by our translators.
  • Resilience: methods and peer mentors to support your wellbeing and expert-led mindfulness training to develop self-awareness and resilience to the challenges of sustainable development.
  • Community co-creation & social innovation: empowering community is essential to our approach, working hand-in-hand with community partners every step of the way. Supporting positive actions in the community, with all methods encouraging empathy towards action you will create new shared understanding for positive social impact.

You can find out more about the Drishtee Immersion Japan program by visiting the Drishtee Immersion website


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences students may be eligible for Level 2 credit through PHSS2000: Practical Employability Experience. Students must have space within their program for a 2 unit general elective. For more information, visit the course webpage.

Visa Information

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa for the country where you will be studying. As the Global Experiences team is not a visa-issuing authority we cannot provide visa advice.

Contact Drishtee Immersion for visa and immigration information.

Eligibility and application

All applicants must meet the short-term experience eligibility criteria and any additional eligibility criteria set by Drishtee Immersion. 

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The program fee is $3,000. This includes all food, accommodation, daily program activities, workshops, and city stopovers. 

More information regarding program fees can be found on the Drishtee Immersion website. 

Applicants may also be eligible for UQ-specific funding. Applicants will be notified by late-October if they are eligible for travel grants and scholarships awarded by the Global Experiences Team. Please do not rely on this funding to support your global experience.


Accommodation is included in the program cost. For more information regarding accommodation, please see the Drishtee Immersion website. 

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

Applications for this program have closed.

Program Dates

January  Session

Start: 11 January 2020
End: 31 January 2020

Fast Facts

Type: Volunteering
Mode: Study abroad
Location: Japan
Credit: Not-for-credit
Cohort: Undergraduate and postgraduate


If you participate in a short-term program you may also be eligible to submit an application for an OS-HELP loan if your program is for-credit and you are enrolled as a Commonwealth supported student. 

Application Deadlines

15 January for overseas study commencing March to August
15 March for overseas study commencing May to October
15 June for overseas study commencing August to January
15 September for overseas study commencing November to April

Refer to the funding page for more information on eligibility requirements and loan amounts. 

Global Experiences Information Sessions

Students are encouraged to register and attend an information session to receive more details on the short-term application process, eligibility criteria, funding etc.​