Undergraduate Awards - Student Experience

4 Dec 2017

“This year, I was fortunate enough to be Highly Commended in the Law category of the Undergraduate Awards. This means my paper was in the top 10% of undergraduate papers submitted for law worldwide! I first became aware of the Undergraduate Awards through the University of Queensland. I had previously only heard of opportunities recognising postgraduate academic work. As such, the prospect of having my undergraduate work commended and shared at the international level was particularly appealing.

I wrote the paper I submitted, ‘Public Interest Environmental Lawyering: Law and Politics?’ for my legal ethics course. I chose this topic for two reasons. First, I am deeply passionate about local and global action to combat climate change. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant and pressing challenges facing modern society. Second, I think it is fundamentally important for lawyers to think about their ethical duty to help society at large. For me, morality and a commitment to justice is at the heart of a lawyer’s role.

I left the Undergraduate Awards Summit feeling incredibly inspired both professionally and personally. Professionally, it has deepened my desire to work in the sphere of environmental law and politics. I met many people committed to this area and the Summit affirmed that this is one of core passions. At a personal level, I had the immense privilege to meet and connect with so many people from all over the world at the Conference. It gave me confidence in my own abilities and also confirmed to me the importance of learning from others.

The Undergraduate Awards Summit not only gave me the opportunity to present my own research but it enabled me to listen to and learn from the brightest minds across a range of fields, from law to architecture to engineering to the biological sciences. For me, this was the highlight of the summit. It was particularly encouraging to hear that people from a diversity of fields are working on common challenges facing contemporary society, especially climate change and artificial intelligence.

I would highly recommend to other students to submit their work to the Undergraduate Awards. It is an opportunity to have your academic work recognised at an international level and it is an opportunity to learn from other students in both similar and different fields. This is a unique opportunity, especially at the undergraduate level, and it was an absolute privilege to be involved.”


Rebekkah Markey-Towler