Presenting yourself for success part one: more than the clothes you wear

24 May 2017

Senior Manager at UQ Careers Service Daniel Capper gives six recommendations on how to present yourself for success. 

Recently I spoke to my friend, Lauren, who is a Recruiter for a large Brisbane-based company. I asked Lauren about the recruitment process she used when confronted with a stack of job applicants.

Lauren told me that when reviewing the applications, she will often Google the applicant to see what she can find. For those of you wondering - Yes, this is legal and noted in the company’s recruitment terms of reference which are available to applicants.

Lauren highlighted that she looks at an applicant’s personal interests and how they talk about themselves in public places. She develops a gut instinct on them based on what they wear in their profile shots, and even more so from their clothing and grooming in the casual photographs captured on various social media platforms.

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