Five networking mistakes to avoid in 2017

26 February 2017

Senior Manager at UQ Careers Service Daniel Capper, suggests which networking mistakes you should avoid making to get your dream job or promotion in 2017. 

Have you ever thought about the brand you’re conveying through your networking? You should. Every engagement you have affects your professional reputation or brand. Don’t make these all-too-common mistakes in your networking communication:

1. Your introduction is too long, boring and complicated for anyone to digest. 

Is your message typically the length of Tolstoy’s War and Peace or so convoluted that the listener needs a set of Cliffs Notes? Do you include all the backstory of your life, more than anyone would ever want to know? While context is critical to building (virtual and in-person) professional relationships and guiding a person’s understanding of your work, remember that what they actually need to know is inevitably a snapshot of everything you could tell them. So make that snapshot concise and interesting.

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